NRI Services

Imagine you've toiled hard in life to earn money and have purchased a plot of land where you wish to construct your dream home which you and your family want to spend the rest of your life in, and you have all these things in mind on what the home should have, to suit your comfort and lifestyle. So, do you start the construction or you first meet an architect, who draws up a blueprint before the actual construction takes place?

Your financial life is like that dream home, and we are your architect to help your dreams come true!!

Detailed financial plan for NRI/PIOs is my flagship service where we piece in different puzzles of my client's financial life and prepare a holistic & completely personalised and tailor made financial plan, keeping in mind client's risk profile, financial goals, asset allocation, family situation, R2I plans, etc.

What We do?

  • Detailed understanding about your family details, existing financial situation, financial goals, R2I plans (spread over a couple of calls)
  • Contingency funds analysis: How much should be set aside for emergency & where should it be deployed
  • Insurance analysis: Whether all risks are covered, review of existing insurance policies & suggesting any new insurance products
  • Investment Risk Profiling
  • Financial goals listing & tagging of investment assets to the respective financial goals
  • Review of your existing investments, tax efficiency, asset allocation and suggesting changes to bring it in line with the assessed risk profile
  • Creating a transition period cash flow statement, post transition portfolio divided into 3 buckets: contingency fund, short term and long term
  • A check for existence of proper nominations across insurance policies & investments
  • Identifying the right avenues for succession planning